Terry came up with a great Excel spreadsheet that Jody could enter her Transfer information in. It inspired me to continue with that idea.  I want it to save and display on request, based on location but have it online and also as a mobile app.  I am working on a database connection in the future.

Right now, I have two forms. Intake and Transfer but they can be taken apart also.

INTAKE:(6/8/24) Added email of RP.  Contacted DB plugin regarding development.

INTAKE: (4/8/23) It can be printed. It can be saved as a pdf. (at least I can do that).
It can also be used on any device, so Dave can copy and past the Rescuer information directly into the form from his phone. Currently, you can “Save for Later” but only one at a time. There are other limitations as well.

Print does NOT save; only Prints to a connected printer you. After you print, if you want you can SUBMIT. Submit goes into the internal database and sends an email to (currently me). Can go to anyone or everyone.

If you click SUBMIT, the form goes into a file that I can print for Dave’s records and can be emailed.

TRANSFER: (4/8/23) It can be Printed or saved as a pdf. It can be on any device also but doesn’t have the SAVE yet. Same other stuff. Special Things: It automatically makes the Transfer Date the current date and the Rescue Date is 14 days earlier. You can change dates manually. The age at rescue calculates a Birthdate in the background and Calculates the Time in Captivity and Age at Transfer

Take a test drive and give me ideas on what you think I should add.

Update: 4/22 – Added Membership Question to Intake Form, Removed Name