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Super Clients

My clients are all over the United States and have the most interesting stories. Retail, wholesale, artists, non-profits, community and contractors. I have a client in West Virginia who is reforesting an area with 250,000 trees. One client sells shallow water military watercraft in Maryland; another model train parts in Arizona. The Yamaha Vmax motorcycle gets an innovative chain drive from a long time client in Connecticut. Pennsylvania brings my favorite Jazz and Big Band musician. Among my California clients, there are several amazing artists and even a chef. I love helping all these people get their points across. I'll introduce them from time to time.


4Exit is a California based retail and wholesale distributor of emergency exit signage and lighting products. They have everything you need for home owners, but are primarily set up for commercial builders and property management.

Office Manager, Tony Kaveh knows every product, the business climate, and technology trends. Call him at (800) 345-4837.

Business Services

Administrative Services – Office Doctors is a full service office administration solution. Through the years I have managed the day to day business environments of companies in California and Arizona. Most clients are served well by a qualified assistant and honest bookkeeper.  However, each year at least one major project arrives that is out of the blue and not staffed for the surprise. Call me. Is it a new safety regulation? Not a problem, let’s find a reasonable solution. Need new computers or an expensive telephone system? A salesman may be the last person to ask. If you have a one or two week project or specific research project, consider where you are most needed. Doing what you know or letting someone else do it more quickly, efficiently, and likely saving money. Today, if it is going to cost you more than your time is worth it becomes a very easy decision.

Ebay – Do you buy or sell on ebay? If so you probably have all the details down. I have coordinated 100’s of ebay auctions and know how to create a successful display that presents your information professionally and outside the traditional ad structure. Need advise, drop me a email; I’m happy to answer most of your questions. I have wanted to throw myself out a window looking for answers. Save yourself the cuts and bruises, just ask me?

Copyrighting – Give me the subject and what you would like to communicate. I can usually produce a printable brochure, press release, event announcement, or presentation with a minimum of information. Not everyone can put thoughts to words and even fewer use spell check. If you are a great writer, ask me to review it; four eyes instead of two often keeps you from embarrassing yourself.

Business Management – I have managed private and nonprofit organizations for over 40 years. I can write your checks, pay your bills and send you as much support information as you need. I have the skills to help you or point you in the correct direction. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Public Relations

  • Ebay Auctions
  • Charity Events
  • Spring Sale
  • Community Gatherings
  • Product Announcements

Drive Traffic

Learn the realities of being Google #1

Every website should be designed with SEO in mind. Is yours?

Need a PR or Brochure

I can create one with your words and photos

Give me your information and intent I'll do the rest..

Ebay Trading Assistance

Online Auction Management

I can set up your account, create and/or manage your auctions.